Resa Tela is an artistic collective committed to exploring feminine and diverse expression that challenges, educates and ultimately inspires.

Where narratives of healing are celebrated and new mythologies CAN BE created.


Zohie Blanche Castellano - Founder & Creative Director

Zohie Blanche Castellano is a writer, director, and designer from Melbourne, Australia. 

Zohie has always gravitated towards projects that feature unconventional forms of collaboration, pushing the boundaries of collective expression and understanding. In 2015, she formed the collective Resa Tela Films, from which her first short film as writer and director emerged: the fantastical ORACLE. ORACLE premiered at Flickerfest in 2018 and showcases her distinct ability to create compelling visual languages; worlds that encompass the everyday while speaking to wider, spiritual dimensions of human experience.

Zohie began her career in production design, completing a Bachelor of Production at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2009. Her design credits include costume and production design for the feature film HAIL (2011, 68th Venice International Film festival), THE TURNING (2013, 60th Melbourne International Film Festival), and costume design on GALORE (2013, 64th Berlin Film festival). Professional highlights include participation in the 2014 Berlinale Talents and a nomination for best production design from the Australian Film Critics Association for her work on HAIL. Most recently, Zohie designed surreal apocalyptic feature AKRA (dir: Devin Horan), filmed in the Caucasus (Georgia).

It was through encounters with Russian literature Zohie discovered her spirituality. Captivated by the insight into personal conscience illuminated through these narratives, it has become a pervading thread of questioning in her work. Zohie explores a feminine perspective to investigate our moral choices; what is that compels our action?


Marsha Pavia - Executive Producer

Imogen Gilchrist - Marketing Consultant

Lou Castellano - Legal Counsel